We are 1,
a unit of two.

We create art
and software
for you.


Virtually every human is embedded in and dependent on social structures. And yet, our understanding of and control over these structures is limited at best. With oikosim we seek control over the social structures we are a part of.


We are 1, a painter and a cyberneticist. We work together to create art under the name "Run The Program" as well as a computer program called "Oikosim", which aims to simulate human beings. Our influences range from Malevitsj, Worringer and Stanley Brouwn to Wittgenstein and Turing. From Lorenz and Mandelbrot to Frans de Waal and Kanye West. Ideas from computability theory, game theory, chaos theory and complexity theory routinely show up in our works.
All is one. One is all.

Our backgrounds

Ronald Oosterhof (1970) is a writer and painter. He graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy (Autonomous Art) in 1996. Exhibitions included Galerie Liesbeth Lips, Galerie van Walraven (Den Bosch), the courthouse in Rotterdam, Antonius Nieuwe Binnenweg (group exhibition), and various other galleries and institutions. In 2002 he won the incentive prize for Poëzie der Lage Landen. Most of his paintings are in private collections. His poems have been included in various editions, including the “Stadsgedichtenbundel 2018”.

Kevin Kleine (1984) studied Life Sciences at the Technical University Delft, where he specialized in adaptive dynamics, a subfield of mathematical biology. He co-founded two companies (Dutch & Dutch and ProductBuilder), before rekindling his love for multi-agent systems, self-organization and cognitive architectures. Together with Ronald he is expressing themes from these fields in his art, as well as his political views and the social injustices, large and small, he continually perceives around him.

Ochterveldstraat 23a
The Netherlands